...... OVERLOOKEDBEST.COM is the brainchild of Alvin Edney, Owner of AE Enterprises. In entrepreneurial spirit of Sean Combs and Russell Simmons, I, Alvin Edney created OVERLOOKEDBEST.COM to be the foundation of a much larger enterprise. The desire is for OVERLOOKEDBEST.COM to be one of the best outlets for inexpensive, quality goods. The concept is that no one can find all of the bargains. OVERLOOKEDBEST.COM strives to acquire tons of bargains and make them available on one site. OVERLOOKEDBEST.COM also desires to be an outlet for creative individuals who produce quality goods at an inexpensive price.
......  Anyone that knows me, knows that I am very tight with money and always try to get the most bang for my bucks. I hope that OVERLOOKEDBEST.COM accomplishes the same for a lot of people. I would like to thank my family, friends and everyone that has supported me, AE Enterprises and this website. To my customers, hopefully this is a lifelong relationship. I greatly appreciate your business.


Alvin Edney

(Alvin- age 4)